The initiative for the Christian Home of Belo Horizonte came from the Churches of Christ in that city in 1993. The objective was to create a home for abandoned and at-risk children. In 1995, the churches looked to the Tennessee Children’s Home in the U.S. for help to establish the children’s home in Belo Horizonte but, at the time, they were not in a position to be able to do so. But by 2007, the TennesseenChildren’s Home was able to help with the purchase of land in the Braúnas neighborhood. On April 29, 2007, the Christian Home of Belo Horizonte (Abrigo Lar Cristão de Belo Horizonte) was legally founded.

With the continued sponsorship of the Tennessee Children’s Home, Casa Genesis was constructed, the first house designed to serve 15 children, and so, the Christian Home officially began operation in October, 2009. With the construction of two more houses (Casa Hosana and Casa El Shaday) the Christian Home is able to serve 45 children at a time. There was an old house on the property when it was purchased that was renovated and used for a while to house children but had to be torn down due to structural problems. To replace that house, another house is under construction at this time and will bring
the total capacity up to 60 children upon its completion.

The children served are between the ages of 0 - 6 years, 11 months, and are placed in the Home by the
Guardianship Councils and the Childhood and Youth Courts.